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Life Coaching

VanLife and Nomad Lifestyle Consulting with Allison & Wonderland

If you’re a millennial and beyond looking to become a Roam Owner (instead of a home owner), maybe you’d like to “retire” early and see the wonderlands of the wild, then this is the place for you! I am a Van Life and Nomad Lifestyle Consultant and I can help you get from a house that doesn’t move into a home and career that travels with you! Click the loading bar to upload your mobile lifestyle.

Become Your Own Genie with Goddess Allison’s Manifestation Mentoring

Goddess Allison’s Life Improvement Coaching utilizes self subliminal reprogramming, brain entrainment, and the Law of Attraction to help you become your own genie and swiftly manifest your desires into your life. Prepare to create miracles.

For Goddess Allison’s Life Improvement Coaching in the comfort of your own home, please visit my website by clicking on the Cosmic Star.

Allison’s Books

Allison is a self-published author. Find her coloring books, poetry, and holistic musings at her online bookstore by clicking on the storefront below to be directed to the distributor’s website. To read about her strange non-fiction journey to a parallel timeline, click on the glyph below to be directed to her New Paradigm Planet Book Website.

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I Visited A Parallel Timeline


At my newest Van Life and Nomad Life YouTube Channel, you can follow my adventures in mobile lifestyle! 

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At Goddess TV you can follow my life’s journey.
I provide helpful tips toward manifestation and holistic wellness.

Awaken Your Inner Child and Your Godly Powers with
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Allison’s Cosmic Crystal Jewelry

This is a Giveness, not a Business. You are welcome to pay whatever your karma allows in exchange for a crystal necklace.

How to Make Crystal Jewelry

Allison loves to make crystal jewelry. Here you can learn how to make your own. If you have received crystal jewelry by Allison and would like to show your monetary appreciation, please utilize the donate link. Please Contact Allison to have a custom piece of crystal jewelry made for you.
Have a wonderful day!

Good Karma Always Returns

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Graphic And Web Design

Do you have a business, hobby, special interest, or talent that you would like to be seen in the great wide world?

Allison is a self-taught web and graphic designer and has been informally digitally designing for over ten years. She is a WordPress and Photoshop wizard who designs all of her own book covers, websites, graphics, flyers, business cards, creative media, etc. When friends and family saw the digital wizardry Allison produced, they wanted her to design for them.

Now Allison can design for you too!

Can’t afford a designer? Allison can teach you how to design for yourself.

If you are interested in receiving Allison’s Digital Design Wizardry services, please fill out the request form below. Serious inquiries only, please! If you have a minor question or comment, please utilize the Contact Me form on the About And Contact page.

Holistic Services

Awaken Your Inner Child and Your Godly Powers

Allison has over 10 years of experience, education, and training in the holistic wellness arena.

Please arrive with a loving heart and an open mind. 

Sessions and education classes can often be done online. Allison takes requests for corporate and group holistic sessions. Allison also takes requests if you would like to book her for a conference, retreat, workshop, or event.

Disclaimer: Allison is not a licensed medical professional, nutritionist, or psychologist. If you have a physical, mental, or emotional medical condition, please seek appropriate medical attention from a licensed professional in addition to your holistic and alternative treatment.


Crystal Jewelry Making

Crystal Healing



Incense Making

Beginning Herbal Medicine


Meditation & Mindfulness 

Meditation Music


Intuitive and Psychic Development

Intuitive Drawing and Art Therapy

Tarot Reading

Astrology for Beginners




Beginning Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

Choosing Your Future Timeline

Subconscious Subliminal Reprogramming

Practical Exercises for Manifesting Miracles


Aura and Chakra Healing

Sound Healing & Sound Healing Concerts



Healing Diet Education

Kombucha Making

Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic… What to Eat.


Finding Your Soulmate

Abundance Development

Law of Attraction

Living Your Dream Career

About And Contact

Allison Gee is a self-published author, holistic healer, and artist. As of 2021, she designs all her own websites, blogs, book covers, graphics, business cards, and promotional material. She likes to make crystal jewelry, eat delicious healthy food, enjoy nature, and exercise her creativity and manifesting mojo out into the world.

GoddessRoundBesides being a talented author, tech angel, healer, and artist, Allison is also a preschool teacher and a life improvement coach. She has a BA in Theatre from the University of Washington and a Child Development Associate Credential. In 2015 she was the first student to graduate with an MBA from Aphrodite University, an online divine feminine based university for holistic healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Allison has over 10 years of experience and education in the holistic field and over 10 years of experience in professional childcare. In 2019, she graduated with her second degree from the University of Washington with a BA in Early Care and Education.

In 2016 Allison had a very strange, non-fiction, paranormal experience of being “abducted” or taken to a parallel timeline where full disclosure of the extra terrestrial and flying saucer issue had been achieved in the United States in the early 1950s. This was a benevolent experience for Allison and she returned to her native timeline with helpful, important, conscious-opening information for humanity. {Find the link to her full written account on her BOOKS page.}

Allison currently resides in her hometown of Seattle, WA, although she has lived in an intentional community called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in the Show Me State.

You can peruse this website for portals into Allison’s online world~ buy her books and artwork, watch videos, and receive life improvement coaching in the comfort of your own home.

If you enjoy Allison Gee’s gifts to the world and would like to show your monetary appreciation, you may utilize the donate link~

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